beau/kieran. xxiv. they/it/he. θΔ. 
 dni  minors, ppl who are anti-researched self dx, ppl following getonthebeers/successionyaoi, romangerris. i block radfems, proshippers, etc. on sight. ask to follow if we were muts on my old account. i softblock if i don't want to follow back.
 i ♡  horror, petz, succession, pokémon, scott pilgrim, car seat headrest, the dandy warhols, psychotraumatology + mad pride, web dev, performing arts, fractals, cats + sighthounds, creature/character design, & more.

i'm alterhuman, specifically a dog. i don't "identify" as a dog; i just am one. it's a whole thing.
i don't consider this part of my alterhumanity per se, but since we're here, i also kin the following characters: natalie scatorccio, espeon, veronica sawyer, scott pilgrim (comics only), naomi pierce, kaylie russell.
i don't technically kin roman roy, it's a bit more complicated than that, but people insist that i do, so i guess i'll put him here too.

 movies:  alien, american psycho, annihilation, antiviral, the blob (1988), the cabin in the woods, creep, dead ringers, the faculty, final destination, the fly (1986), from beyond, get out, krampus, the langoliers, malignant, nope, oculus, pahanhautoja, pontypool, the ring, saw, skinamarink, spree, the thing (1982), videodrome, etc. literature:  american psycho, borrasca, goosebumps, the langoliers, southern reach, the tommyknockers, the troop, who goes there?
sadly, i have stephen king brainrot. i also enjoy various short stories by max lobdell, ck walker, and random people on reddit.
 theatre:  american psycho, carrie, the guy who didn't like musicals, little shop of horrors, we are the tigers other:  the fractal series (and eduardo valdés-hevia's work in general), marble hornets, santa clarita diet,, yellowjackets

these are not mobile-friendly, sorry.fractal k&c - general petz 4 fansite
flowsnake - site for my naturally-raised petz
petz grab bag subscription service - what it says on the tin
beau's poképalace - pokémon fansite
airin region - everything about my ireland-based pokémon fanregion

i'm a prof. dx'd* osdd system of twelve-ish (elaborated) parts. feel free to ask questions, especially about how it works; as i mentioned, i have a strong interest in psychotraumatology. i'll talk about the specifics of my own system if you're not too invasive, though. you can ask for my system/traumaposting sideblog if we're relatively close.*however, i support self-dx. the psychiatric system is abusive and i would never condemn not being a part of it/not being prof. dx'd with such a stigmatized disorder.